Silly Bandz


Okay, people, here is my question:


Silly Bandz.  Silly Bandz were invented by a Japanese artist, who wanted the world to recycle.  Yeah, he thought that if instead of using regular rubber bands on products, we should use weirdly shaped rubber bands that most people probably wouldn’t throw away.  He was right, no one is throwing them away…..they are buying the rubber bands from stores at top dollar.  

I started seeing these animal-shaped silicone bands on a trip to New York this spring.  I think that is when they really started popping up everywhere.  They originally came out in November of 2008 but only started to become so popular in the Spring of 2010.  Who would have thought that environmentally-friendly packaging would turn in to a pre-teen craze?  Some schools have even banned the bandz because the trading scene got too violent and distracting.

It makes me wonder what the next obsession will be.  I need to figure out what is so alluring about this shaped-silicone jewelry.  If someone can figure out what makes these SillyBandz get 7 spots on Amazon’s “top-sold list”, they will be millionaires…literally. 

What’s next?  Flavored pencils?

Sincerely yours,

Future-millionaire of peanut butter-flavored pencils


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