People Watching…

People watching is one of my favorite activities at the moment.  I like to make stories based off of what the people I watch are doing.  I bet that if I told them their whole life story (from my perspective), it would be totally weird and they would think that I was some kind of lunatic (which I am).  Some people just act so stereotypical.  I was in a coffee shop the other day, and there was a college student talking to her mother (I think it was her mother…there I go again making up stories…).  She sounded too much like a valley girl, it was really impressive!  I don’t think she was trying to sound that way, but she could have come out of Valley Girl (the song by Frank Zappa).  As an actor, sometimes I like to take one trait of a person, exaggerate it a lot and then be that sort of person in a crowd.  It’s so awesome to see the reactions of people.  I also like to exaggerate a trait in front of my mirror.  GAAA!  It’s so much fun!

Today in the coffee shop, there is a lady who came in a few minutes ago with long blond hair, and a very athletic build.  She saw someone she knew and the started talking about the Ironman, and come to find out, she will be participating in the iron man in Florida next week.  Who would have guessed?  I also think that she is German, has a german shepherd and enjoys watching crime shows.  She is working on her Mac right now.  It’s weird because instead of just one apple on the front of her laptop, there are 3, side by side.  She must be artistic. Or, she got bored one time and decided to sticker something.  What if they’re not really stickers, but Apple makes a special laptop with 3 apples on front that I don’t know about? That would be awesome!  I bet it’s a really expensive computer.  She must be rich.

I must leave to go determine the life of the guy behind me.  I feel like some kind of voodoo master…?

~The Jolly Green Giant


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