Nothing Ad

At writing class this week, we wrote ads.  My topic for an ad was “nothing”.  It was very interesting to sell nothing.  Here is the ad I came up with.


Have you been wishing that you might rule the world, possibly?

Do you want something that has the ability to save you time and space, at times?

Are you the kind of person who enjoys being hip-with the new thing, maybe?

From the creaters of the iBreakfast, the iFry, the iFish, the iCar, the iPants, the iCrunch, the iQuilt, the iPencil, and the iComb, I introduce:

The iNothing!

This new product from iForever is just what you need to save space…because it takes up none.  All you need is the power of your brain to run the machine, and it no time you’ll be cruisin” in the hip crowd….with nothing.

Always remember: LESS is MORE when it come to iNothing.  Get yours in your local iForever today!


3 thoughts on “Nothing Ad

  1. Ok, you’ve convinced me, I think I’ll take 2. Your ad is very convincing and shows a great deal of creativity and a good dose of humor. Great writing!

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