…Or is it all a reflection?

The door opens to a new world of hope, art and dreams when you look in to the reflection of…anything.  A mirror is the first thing I think of as “reflection” but as I think about it, I add windows, water, eyes, and my food.

I have been paying a lot more attention to reflections lately because I think it’s interesting to see the perspective of looking a different direction…at the same thing.  When I was little, I would lay in my bed, close my eyes and visualize the layout of my room. After awhile, I would remember that I was still in my room and instead of using my brain to think about what my room looked like, I could just use my eyes to SEE it.  When I opened my eyes it would be almost the same as my visualisation although it lost one important quality.  That quality being the quality of change, and the the quality of being spontaneous.  That’s why I like reflections.  I think that when looking at reflections they hold some of that “unknown” feeling like in my thoughts. 

In thinking about these majorly deep theories, I started thinking about theater.  Theater holds the same “reflection” feeling for me.  Even though we “think” we know, we never really know what is going to happen on stage. When I am really “in the moment”, not caring about what anyone thinks, that is usually my best performance.  This is an extremely hard thing to do.   Especially in comedy. 

In theater, I have to be ready for my own thoughts as well as my character’s and answer each and every question asked like the reflection–not knowing what is going to happen next.  Believe in the element of surprise…BE SPONTANEOUS!

Reflections are also like the food on mt plate.  “You are what you eat” is  very correct term.  People don’t realize where their food came from or where it’s going once it leaves their fork.  If people would look at their food as a reflection of themselves, I think that the obesity percentage would greatly reduce.  But that will only work when everyone loves themselves, and that’s another tale to tell.

Okay, enough rambling for now.  I leave you with a few photographic (and editigraphic?) moments of reflection I’ve had in the last week.



 Have a spontaneous day, week, year and life.




2 thoughts on “…Or is it all a reflection?

  1. Being spontaneous is easy for some of us and usually quite as enjoyable as you so delightfully explore. Learning to not care what other’s think is a bit more difficult but worth the effort.
    Thanks for the interesting thoughts this morning.

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