Days fly by!

I am so tired of winter.  I can say that again.  I am so tired of winter.

Here’s the list of stuff I don’t like about winter:

-The extra 15 minutes it takes to leave the house, just so that you can get your flattering snowman suit on.

-Getting 9 hours of sunlight.  Really, we probably have no vitamin D3 left in our system!         

-The cold.  ’nuff said.

-The symphony of running noses everywhere I go.

Stuff I do like about winter:

-Hot tea







Okay, enough being nice to winter.                  

I was just thinking today how fast this day went by.  I decided to blame it on winter.  Poor winter, I hope she has a strong ego, because I think I am going to blame most things on her until spring.

That was my lame post for today.  I almost forgot to post something and I only started the PostADay YESTERDAY!  Not a good sign…

~The Banana


2 thoughts on “Days fly by!

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. We need to spend a week or two in a very warm place, just remember what it’s like to have natural air on our skin!!

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