The Prejudice Against Monday

I would just like to start by saying: I am so sorry, Monday.  The stereotypical blame you get just because you are in the beginning of the work week is insurmountable.  Personally, I generally really like Mondays.  I can’t say that I like Monday when I am hit by a bus after being told that someone stole my life savings, but that really could happen on any day.  Luckily it’s never happened to me.  The sad thing is, that if that happened to any stereotypical person, I can visualize them being hit by a bus while simultaneously yelling not-so-nice words at Monday.  This, my friends is why I am sorry for Monday.

There is a quote “all days are created equal”.  I feel like this is a statement that people in our country really need to be stronger in analyzing.

Being prejudice about Monday is mean and hateful.  It’s not Monday’s fault that us, the lazy Americans of the world don’t want to go to work after our Sunday afternoons of football-watching.

So, as a challenge to you all; next Monday say all of the nice things you can to Monday.  Whenever you think of something negative about the poor day add 2 things that are positive about Monday.  Write your ideas down.  Start a journal the give tribute to Monday.  I can guarantee that you will start feeling better about yourself, your life and your job….all because of Monday.

I bet you never knew you could feel so much joy from a day of the week.

We learn something new everyday.



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