Small Town Signs

We’ve all seen Small Town Signs at one point or another.  Whether it is on a trip to grandma’s house or driving in to our own town, we are greeted with the somewhat weird and often fuzzy details about town goings-on.  Making fun of these small-town signs is one of my favorite activities.  Even though the signs seem meaningless, I realize I would be very sad without them.

Here’s a list of some examples of normal small-town signage I’ve seen:

  • “Thank the lord for 30 years. –Tom and Joanne”
  • “EMS Chili Supper Sat 12”
  • “Happy 21st, Lori! –Your parents”
  • “PTO TA SUP JAN 21 6 PM”
  • “Stick to safety and trick-or-treat at New Level church OCT. 31st, 6 PM”

The message I saw tonight was the first of its kind, though. “Sign closed until spring” it said.  How disappointing is that???  Don’t they realize that I count on the welcome sign for my daily 2 minutes of laughter?

I’m really going to miss that sign until spring, and I’m sure others will too.  I guess that’s how I know I really am a small-town Joe.

Thank the lord for 30 years,



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