Love Letter

Dear Lucky Duck,
I know it’s really weird for me to be sending you a letter since at the moment I am entangled around your body, but this is such a hard subject for me to talk about that I had to write a letter.
I know that you have had a grudge on my ever since I limited your movement by accidentally wrapping myself around you. As I have tried to explain, it really wasn’t my fault. That giant creature who just left his spare fishing line sitting out deserves all of the blame, but I don’t suppose that matters anymore.
What I really wanted to say is that after being with you for the last 3 months, I have really grown accustomed to our morning swims, fishing and just being around you. I really love you, Lucky.
I know it will probably be hard to wrap your mind around this, but if you could understand how you’ve affected me, it would really mean a lot to me.
All I’m saying is that if we’re stuck together like this, why not be friends? Or more?
I’ll totally understand if this relationship would be too weird for you, but it seems like my last chance for survival at this point.
I think I will hand this letter to you now.
With admiration,
Monofilament Ultra


2 thoughts on “Love Letter

  1. Hannah, that is soooo clever! I love it! I noticed a few omitted words, but that’s to be expected after such an exciting Packer game. Keep writing!!!

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