Just give me my spinach!

Don’t get me wrong, I think that a varied diet is a good thing, but when I ask for extra spinach on my Penne Rosa, I mean that I want extra spinach!  Today while having a quick bite at Noodles and Co., I ordered my usual “Penne Rosa”, a creamy tomato and mushroom pasta with spinach.  Being the green-eater that I am, I ordered extra spinach for an extra $.99*.  When I received my pasta, I was annoyed, but not surprised to see only 4 baby spinach leaves in my otherwise delicious meal.

So, is 4 leaves really “extra”, or do the pasta-makers just dismiss the fact that I paid almost a dollar extra to have more spinach on my plate?  Maybe the employees thought that they were doing me a favor by not giving me the extra spinach that I asked for.  Perhaps they stereotyped me as a girl raised on a “white” diet and the word “spinach” accidentally slipped out of my mouth.  Unfortunately (for Noodles), non of these notions are true.  In fact, I am a 15-year vegetarian who strives to get bunches of greens included in her daily routine.  For gosh sakes, I drink spinach smoothies for breakfast!

If the previously mentioned idea is true, that the 4 leaves of baby spinach is considered “extra”, then we have a huge problem on our hands.  People get used to the idea that a serving is 4 leaves of greens to 1 cup of carbs.  Those serving proportions should be swapped.

Although I think that Noodles and Co. is a great company with a lot to offer, I think that they-and their competitors-need to improve what they mean by “extra”.  Especially for vegetables.

Next time I will order spinach with extra Penne Rosa.


*I do not remember the exact price of an “extra”, it was somewhere around $.99.


2 thoughts on “Just give me my spinach!

  1. That’s reallt frustrating. I’ve done the same thing before, with a pizza I think, and the “extra” spinach was barely enough to taste under the mounds of cheese. It only takes a little cheese to flavor a fantastic vegetable. Yet another reason I tend to cook at home. . .

  2. Do you know that the USDA says a serving of leafy greens is 1 cup? NExt time you go to Noodles, wear a pin that says “A FULL SERVING, PLEASE” and just stand there until they give you at least a cup full of spinach in your pasta!

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