When doughnut man makes my day (New York Trip day 1)

After a sleepless night of humid 80 degree Wisconsin weather, it was finally time to wake up and start our trip to New York. It was still very hot when I woke up, and I began to panic that my plane-clothes would be too warm. Luckily, my senses came back to me after letting my brain wake up a bit more, and I remembered that modern-times included the luxury of on-board air conditioning.  After showering, and doing some last minute packing, we were off…to the shoe box. Yes, Dad needed to get some new shoes for the trip. He wouldn’t want any New Yorker to see his Midwest-stained shoes! My sister, mom and I hummed, hawed, and argued about which shoes would look the best on him. He ended up trying to compromise with all of our tastes, but didn’t get the converse like I wanted him to. :(

As we left the shoe box, a group was already setting up the Saturday morning brat fry. They asked if we wanted any brats. We replied “do you have any vegetarian brats?”. They looked at us like we were aliens from a different world and told us we “must not be from around here”. Then they said we could have a bun with ketchup and relish. Yum! Yum!

After the shoe box, it was finally time to go to the airport. I kind of forgot to eat before we left (and I guess I was just too picky to have a bun-ketchup-relish breakfast), so I was very excited because I thought that I remembered that there was a Cinnabon in the Madison airport. I guess I was wrong, because after we made it through security, I couldn’t seem to find it. Instead, I had a toasted bagel with peanut butter. Not exactly the doughnut I had in mind.

We then boarded the plane and flew to Detroit. When we landed, we got to go through a LED tunnel. It was sweet. After taking the tram to our gate (Whew, that airport is LONG!), we boarded our plane for New York! The flight attendant was very friendly and educated Elly and I on how they keep their ice for serving cold (they use dry ice!). As we took off, I dosed off a bit and then was fed peanuts from the friendly flight attendant.

 We finally were approaching New York, and I had the window seat with a great view. Wow, it was like a jungle of city below. Nature is the minority here.  Soon, we were descending closer and closer to the landing runway of the LaGuardia Airport. Landing was scary, because the landing strip starts right after you fly over a little strip of water. Right before our wheels touched real ground, I fumbled through the safety manual to remember which kind of floatation device with which our plane was equipped. I didn’t need to, for we landed safely.

We walked through (the very dirty) LaGuardia airport and headed toward the taxi line. We hopped in a NYC Taxi and headed in the direction of Secaucus, NJ—that is until we found out it would cost $100 to drive in to another state. We changed plans and had the driver drop us off at Port Authority where we could take a bus to Secaucus for much less than $100. We did just that, driving through the crowded streets of New York. Did you know that one could be fined $300 for honking at an intersection in NYC?

The blur of the first few minutes in the city.

We arrived at Port Authority and bought our bus tickets to Secaucus. We proceeded to gate 320, like our tickets said. We waited there for 20 or so minutes trying to tether a Wi-Fi connection to find out when the bus would be arriving. By now we were all starving. All I wanted was my Cinnabon. We finally figured out (thanks to Google Maps on the iPad), that we should have been on BUS (not GATE) 320. We walked all the way back through the tangle of escalators and signs to BUS 320. We were in luck, and the bus approached just as we found our gate.

We bussed out of New York City, through the Lincoln tunnel, out of New York, and in to Secaucus, NJ. We found our hotel and checked in. Too tired to take the bus back in to the city, we decided to find something to eat at one of the restaurants within walking distance of our hotel. We decided on (the not-so-local) Houlihan’s. It was okay, and I was so happy to eat after a day of flying. Any food was good food.

Still in need of some sort of sweet, Elly and I headed to Dunkin’ Donut’s across the street. Ironically, it’s linked with Subway, so you can eat your sub and get your doughnut all in one sitting.  We were helped by a short, very thin man with a strong accent that I couldn’t place. Elly told him that we would like to order 2 glazed donuts. He told us that we couldn’t do that; we had to buy 3 because he wanted one too.  For a split-second I believed him, but then I saw the creases on the corners of his lips, and knew he was joking. Next he charged us $207 for the 2 donuts. Elly gave him $2.07. The doughnut man made my day.

We enjoyed our donuts, and a beautiful Secaucus sunset.

Now we’re just hanging in the hotel room, planning our day for tomorrow. It looks like a visit to the International Photography Museum is in the works, as well as some diner-hoping and maybe later in the week a, trapeze or silks class at the New York Trapeze Institute!

That’s the update!  More tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “When doughnut man makes my day (New York Trip day 1)

  1. I enjoyed your recounting of the first hungry day between Mazo and NYC. Hope you find more to eat tomorrow and I am looking forward to hearing about the the Photography Museum.

  2. That is a very apt description of this adventure. I wish Inanna were here with us…it’s not the same without her! It’s interesting how traditions get started. I never would have dreamed that NYC would be part of our yearly experiences.
    I love your photos and look forward to more!

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