A day of Surprises and excitement (New York Trip day 2)

WOW! Today was amazing. We did so much, and I am so pumped about it all. To keep from rambling, (and so that I don’t stay up all night) I am going to make a list of what we did:

1.     We woke up. Woopdidoo, I know, it’s not the excitement you were hoping for. Don’t worry, it gets better.

2.       We took showers.

3.       We ate a complimentary breakfast (PLEASE DON’T STOP READING, I PROMISE IT GETS BETTER)

4.       We caught the bus to New York.

a.       On the way there we were distracted by a big flee market.

5.       We got off the bus.

6.       We walked in the direction of the flea market.

7.       We found the flea market.

8.       We shopped around the flea market and found some sweet things including a bunch of old printing-press stamps. If they weren’t so dang heavy, I would have bought one. Darn.

a.       There was a film shoot going on at the flea market! 

9.       We walked through the fashion district of New York City. Most of the shops were closed today (because it was Sunday), but we’re planning to return tomorrow or the day after.

10.   We found the International Center of Photography and walked in. The exhibits were that of Elliott Erwitt and Ruth Gruber.

a.       Elliott Erwitt has an amazing sense of humor and creativity. His photos truly tell a story.

b.      Ruth Gruber was an amazing photojournalist, and the youngest woman to get her PhD. She traveled all over the world taking photos and sharing their much-needed information with the world.

11.   We went to the International Center of Photography School and saw an exhibit of teen photos from a class that the teens took. I so want to take a class there. It was an amazing place.

12.   We went to Virgil’s BBQ for lunch. Kind of ironic that a group of vegetarians would go to a BBQ restaurant for lunch, huh? Yeah, we got weird looks from the waiter too. We had to go there because last year in New York we went and had THE BEST grilled vegetable salad. Today the salad was just as good as before. They also have awesome lemonade.

13.   We figured out the Subway system and bought some passes to South Seaport.

a.       I slid my subway pass through the slot, but when I started pushing the door, it thought that I was too big (I pushed on the wrong “rung” of the door.). Live and learn.

14.   We walked through a LOOOONNNGG line of people waiting for the ferry to go to Governor’s Island for the Polo match.

15.   We found the IKEA ferry slip and boarded the ferry.

16.   We got to Ikea and rushed through the store finding the one last piece we need for our kitchen. Weird, I know.

17.   We left Ikea and returned to South Seaport.

18.   We got back on the Subway and took it back to Times Square.

19.   We stopped for a drink at Jack’s bar.

20.   We saw some hip-hop street performers.


22.   We walked to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and got in line for the Standby 7:30 show tickets.

a.       We heard rumors that Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers could be performing tonight.

b.      We ate pizza.

c.       We waited.

23.   There were tickets available, so we went in to the theater. We paid $10.

24.   We sat on the floor on the stage in front (since when do the standby ticket holders get the best seats?!? I’m not complaining!)

25.   We waited as rumors flew about who would be performing.

26.   The lights went down.


28.   SHE TOLD US THAT SETH MEYERS, ZACH WOODS (Gabe from The Office) and others would be performing.

29.   We watched in amazement as they brilliantly imitated dogs and wild beasts before our very eyes.

a.       No, really they were really awesome. They did so many sketches and they were all brilliant and completely improved.

30.   We walked back to the bus station full of smiles.

31.   We took the bus back to our hotel.

And, that was our day.

I want to be an improve artist now.

Thanks for reading!


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