One of the locals: a gay old time in the city (New York Trip day 4)

Today was gay to say the least. I mean
that in the very best way possible. Today was full of happiness.

We started out by taking the bus to
Billy Eliot to see if we could get some student rush tickets. It turns out that
they actually don’t have a show on Tuesday, so we decided to move to the ticket
line for “Memphis”. We waited in line behind a bunch of high school or college
students who seemed to be having a gay old time together in New York. When we
got to the ticket counter, we received tickets for $26 in a boxed seat! Just
for being students! We were very excited.

Next, we took the subway to Greenwich Village
where we got a morning snack and tea at “The Pink Tea Cup”. When we first received
our tea, the waitress served us cold water with a tea bag. We explained to her
that the tea wouldn’t steep for a long, long time unless she gave us hot water
and ice. We slurped our tea, and were on our way. After leaving the café, we
started a walking tour from the iPad. We saw many cool places including the
house where John Wilkes-Booth lived, where John Belushi lived, the skinniest
house in New York and one of the last wooden houses in NYC. We also got to see the
Stonewall Inn where the gay rights movement started, and a nice park with some
beautiful statues and a plaque about how the movement started. It was so very
cool. In Greenwich, one sees rainbow flags everywhere. It’s gorgeous. During
the tour, we found many cool places to stop including a jewelry shop with some
beautiful silk bracelets, a Nepalese store where we bought some prayer flags,
and a cookie shop called “cookies ‘n’ milk”. I had a delicious peanut butter
cream cookie.

When we were tired of the walking tour, we decided to
head to Union Square where The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck was supposed to be
parked. After a couple failed attempts at getting there (who knew there was a
Greenwich St., and a Greenwich Ave.?!?), we finally found the truck! I have
been waiting for this moment for all of my freaking life! THE BIG GAY ICE CREAM
TRUCK!  We waited in line while swirls of
people assembled themselves in the sacred line leading to the big gay ice cream
truck window. I ordered “The Monday Sundae”. It was chocolate and vanilla soft
serve with dulce de leche, sea salt and whipped cream in a cone filled with
Nutella. Oh my god, it was excellent. If you are EVER close, or in New York:
you MUST find The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck.

We sat in the big Union Square Park eating our ice cream, and checking the
iPad map to see where we wanted to go next. On our way out of the park, a woman
stopped us and asked if we knew the way to a shop which name I can’t even
remember. SHE ASKED US! We MUST look like locals.

We decided to visit the theatre where I performed in 2008—the Union Square
Theatre. I have so many memories of that place. It was really interesting to go

After that, we decided to just walk around the area scoping out places we
want to go when Dad was done with his conference. Union Square is so
college-town. It’s very Madison-y. We found an arts supply store which I was
very happy about, because I have been needing a sketch book during the whole
trip. I bought a mixed-media book, so I can glue, draw, paint, whatever the
pages. I’m so excited to get started!

We ate dinner with Dad at Nanoosh, a Mediterranean restaurant with an “organic flare”.
It was awesome! I had a hummus wrap with fresh greens. Oh my, it was delicious!

After dinner, we hopped back on the Subway (we’re getting so good at this
whole thing), and road to Times Square. We walked to the Shubert Theatre where
Memphis is playing, and got in line to go in. We met a friendly group from
Texas and talked to them for a while. We were the first ones in the theatre
when it opened. It was so gay!! We were led up some stairs to our boxed seat.
We waited—somewhat impatiantly for the show to start. It finally did, and we
were all blown away. The show was so energetic and meaningful. The woman
playing Felicia (Montego Glover) had such an amazing voice, and a beautiful
smile. The energy and camaraderie of all of the actors and technical elements
were divine.  Memphis is a must-see.

Full of dancing joy and beating in our hearts, we walked back to the bus
station and caught our bus in the nick of time.

It was a very gay, wonderful day.

I hope that tomorrow is even better.

Thanks for reading!


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