Broadway, Billy, Business and Burgers (New York Trip day 5)

Now that I have properly rested, I can explain–in detail–our day yesterday.

We started off the usual way—waking up, eating peanut butter at the complimentary breakfast in the hotel lobby, and catching our bus to Port Authority in downtown New York. We left the bus station, and started on our way to get in line for the rush tickets for “How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying”. We waited for about 30 minutes and then found out that tickets WERE available. We proceeded through the line, and bought our $30 tickets. That’s really the way to go. We bought 4 tickets for the price of one ticket.

We had been planning to go to the Sony Museum, but decided that we wanted to try to get the rush tickets for the matinée of Billy Elliot since we had been having so much luck with rush tickets. Rush tickets for Billy Elliot are sold two hours prior to show time, so we decided we really didn’t have enough time to get to, go through and experience the Sony Museum. Next time! Instead, we walked toward the Rockefeller center, trying to find somewhere to get a snack and a drink. On the way, we found a cute little gift shop called “Pants and…” It was owned by an elderly couple who had been running the shop for more than 30 years. They had the coolest stuff in their shop, and they were the nicest people! They informed us that the most-sold shirts were the “Angry Birds Addict” shirts. No surprise there. We asked them where a good place would be to get a snack, and they led us to a bakery one block down. The bakery was crowded, but had good food. I ordered a Pain Au Chocolate and a super-dry ginger ale. The bakery was somewhat overpriced, but it was cool to be dining in the midst of the real New Yorkers. There were a couple people having business meetings, and they were fun to listen in on. ;) After we ate, we walked back to the gift shop to give the store owners a menu (they’d never been to this bakery, as it was very new, but they had been to one in a different part of town). They were pleased that we came back.

It was almost time to get the Billy Elliot rush tickets, so we walked quickly back to the theatre. Whew! No wonder so many New Yorkers are so fit. I think I probably walked 15 miles in the last 5 days! We arrived at the theatre and got in line. We still had 20 minutes until “2 hours before the show”, but we decided to hop in line anyway. At the box office, we asked if we could get the student rush tickets. The guy said yes, but he would need to see 2 student IDs. I had mine, but Elly lefts hers at home. She gave him her library card, which he accepted, and we bought 3 tickets for the matinée of Billy Elliot.

We had about two hours until the show would start, so we walked through the fashion district to 27th street and found the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) Museum. It’s a free museum, and really nice. The exhibit they were displaying was “Sportswear through the ages”. There were samples of sports clothing from all of the back in the 1800 through 2011. It was really interesting to see how fashion has come around. It seems like every 30-or-so years, we go back through of cycle of what is fashionable. The swimming suits from the 1940’s were really interesting. Some of them were made from wool! The museum also had a visual arts portion with art displays from some of the graduates of the school. At each exhibit, there were business cards with info on the artists. I grabbed a bunch, because they’re fun to get ideas from. I am trying to design some business cards for myself.

After the Museum, we needed a snack, so we walked back a couple of blocks to a vegetarian restaurant we had seen when we were walking to the museum. We walked in to the tiny place, and looked at the menu. Everything looked delicious. There were veggie burgers, quesadillas, salads, and much more—all vegan! We decided to order the curry burger, the mushroom quesadilla, and some edamame with sea salt. Everything was so delicious! The burger was topped with guacamole, tomato and lettuce with a whole wheat bun. It was absolutely divine! The quesadilla was also very good. It was filled with a vegan cheese that was really, really good. I have never really liked vegan cheese, but I really liked this kind. It was made from taro root and tapioca. I was pleased to see so many people in that joint. It was the some of the best food I’d had during the trip, and also some of the cheapest.

By this time, it was about 30 minutes before the show would start. We quickly walked back to the theatre and got our seats. We were seated on the side of the first balcony. It just so happened that there were 2 seats closer to the middle, right next to us that nobody showed up for. We slid over and ended up having a really good view—especially for the cheap “partial view” seats. Wow! We’re really lucky.

The show started and Mom, Elly and I were amazed. The boy playing Billy was an amazingly good dancer. It was a very inspiring story. It was also very interesting since it was partially about Union rights. I recognized some of the chants we used during the Wisconsin union rights protests.

After the show, we had a little time, so we decided to check out a sale we were given a flyer about. It was a “sample sale”, meaning a huge sale of all of the samples of clothing that were sent to the clothing supplier from Paris. The samples were shown at the supplier so that stores could buy them to put them in their shops. The sale was on the 9th floor of a building near the theatre. The guy who was in charge of selling the clothing was really nice! Elly and I tried on a bunch of fancy dresses, pants, and shirts imagined by designers in Paris. I ended up buying a beautiful brown and white French dress which was worth a lot more than what I spent. While we were there, Elly was sketching while she waited for me to change, and someone at the sale asked her if she was going to design school! She was so pleased.

Next, we met Dad on Times Square where we started to look for a restaurant to try before How to Succeed… Thanks to the Yelp App on Dad’s iPad, we found a really awesome Italian restaurant in a nice part of town—outside of the touristy Times Square. The restaurant was called “Lattanzi”. We decided to order 3 different pastas and a salad and share them all. Well, we confused our Italian waiter quite a bit. He had to come back several times to try to figure out why Elly ordered 4 dishes (she was ordering for all of us). Ahhh, The Funny Farm Gang visits New York City. You never do know how much you can confuse a poor waiter.  All of the dishes were amazing. We got spaghetti with butter-garlic and veggies, mushroom ravioli, and cheese-stuffed tomato pasta. The spring salad with balsamic was also divine.

Happy with food in our bellies, we walked to How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. When we got there, the line was all of the way around the block!

The show was spectacular. Daniel Radcliffe is a terrific actor (especially for only being 21!), and if I didn’t know, I would think he was from the U.S. His accent is perfect. All of the performers were complete triple-threats. The talent is unbelievable. I really love the super-jerky, with-the-beat style of choreography that is so popular in all of the shows we saw. It looks so good on stage.

When we were finished with the show, we walked back to the bus station and waited for our bus to arrive. It’s so weird in the city because it was 10:30 at night, but it still looked like daylight because there were so many lights! We then went back to the hotel where I wrote a hard-to-understand post about my lousy excuse for not writing a detailed post.

Today our trip has come to an end. The next post will be about our last few minutes in New York.

Thanks for reading!



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