Saying “goodbye” (New York Trip day 6)

Today was sad, but also exciting. We woke up later than usual and packed up. We walked downstairs to the lobby of the hotel only to find the breakfast was already cleaned up. So, Elly and I snacked on containers of peanut butter. ;)

We had everything packed us, and were heading out the door of the hotel toward the bus stop, when we saw that our bus was across the street at the stop already. We ran like mad women to the bus stop and caught the bus. YAY! We drove through the Lincoln Tunnel one last time. We arrived that the port authority station and walked out of its cool air-conditioning and in to the blazing heat of morning. Whew! It was HOT in NYC this morning. We walked around the “Hell’s Kitchen” area trying to find a cute café to have breakfast, but had no such luck. I think that New Yorkers must not eat breakfast–only coffee. After walking around for a while—with our suitcases in tow, it was already time to meet dad and get on the train to the airport. Just as we met him, we found a little café and decided to sit down and have a snack. I had a whole wheat bagel and a “tropical smoothie”.  We all walked back to Port Authority and waited for the 8th Avenue Express train toward the airport. It took a long time, so we just took the local 8th avenue bus and rode to the next stop. We got off the train and waited for the 8th avenue express. It finally came, and we hopped on. There were tons of kids on the train going to the beach, so we had to spend the whole 45-minute train ride standing up. The beach-goers were silly high schoolers who enjoyed calling each other expletives for fun. That is a very interesting hobby.

We finally arrived at our station where we could get on the shuttle to the airport terminals. We rode to our terminal and checked our bags. We went through security and everything went smoothly. We flew to Detroit, walked through their cool LED tunnel, and then waited for our flight to Madison. ON the way to Madison, I got to sit in the exit row! I didn’t get to show off my exit-door removal skills, though.

We landed in Madison and now we’re going home to eat our take-out Chinese (we don’t have any food at home), and go to swim team practice. How come Wisconsin was so warm before we came home, and now it’s freezing!?! This is not fair.




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2 thoughts on “Saying “goodbye” (New York Trip day 6)

  1. It was hard to leave the excitement of our little get-away, but there was definitely a lot of good people-watching on the out!
    I really enjoy your blog.

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