What inspires?

I have recently become attached to the book “Caffeine for the Creative Mind“. It encompasses all of my loves for art, self-expression and learning through trying. Throughout the book, there is “caffeine” (exercises for creativity) as well as interviews of creatives in many different fields.

Whenever I read the book, I also become so excited about all of the cool people in the world, and the prospects of what I could do next that I start to worry that I will hyperventilate or something.

Through this book, other books (How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci and  The Da Vinci Code are on the top of the list right now), quotes, photographs, blogs, people, projects and ideas, I have become extremely inspired. I’m inspired by so much in such a large scope that my brain feels scattered. Last week, I would have thought that my brain being scattered was a bad thing and would have tried to record everything on my handy-dandy to do app on my iPod, but now I’m happy to “dance through chaos”.

I took a challenge last week. It was a two-part challenge. One, to stay off of Facebook and two, to let go and “believe in my brain” to remember and learn without having to control everything. It’s going really well. I feel so energized and have actually been more productive than I was when I would obsessively add things to my to do list. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my list, I just am letting go of some of the stress involved in picking it up every single time I think of something I want or need to do. Instead, I am recording things more visually in my sketch/doodle book and using more friendly reminders for myself.

I was inspired by Amy Walker, one of my long-time idols (see 21 Accents). She recently did a TED talk (Amy Walker TT pt1, Amy Walker TT pt 2) where she discussed our mental “wanting” to subconsciously label, sort and pre-package data–so much to the point where we create stereotypes.

I made this and posted it on my wall...

I think that is what inspires me. Confident, bright brains digging deeper in to the human experience, trying to make a difference, energizing myself and others through creativity and learning anything and everything about things that are interesting (but really, what isn’t interesting?) Transferring these thoughts in to view able, beautiful things is what I love to do (typeface for the win!). Of course, my feelings of inspiration come at all different times and are changing rapidly, but right now these are the things the energize and excite me.

What I want to know is, what inspires you?


7 thoughts on “What inspires?

  1. This was cool, music inspires me a lot, as well as literature and family and friends, but (this is going to sound awful) but often it’s myself that I find the biggest inspiration. I have a very over active imagination! Really enjoyed reading this though thanks :)

  2. Hearing about others being inspired makes me feel hopeful and inspired myself. I love knowing that there are so many people out there who are “dancing through” chaos. Thanks for being so COOL!

  3. YOU inspire me! This is a fabulous, insightful, and eye-opening post. I love it and I love you! I am sorry it took me so long to read the post, but now I will read it again and again and will continue to be amazed and inspired by you.

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