The Barrier.

A Creative Writing excercise I did with my writing group the other day… Enjoy!


The barrier.


By Hannah Priscilla Craig

The sun rose like an ice-cube in pure water. The pure darkness interrupted by the sinking (or rising) of the extreme temperature. The ice cubes and the sun inversely proportional.

She walked out the front door like a snail emerging from its shell—seeing the world for the first time. She wasn’t young, but she wasn’t old either. She had much to do and would create the time to have the time.

Her feet slid across the morning grass; the dew creating reflection points for the bright, uncontrolled sun. As she reached the street, she was stopped—almost like there was a glass barrier separating her from the rest of the world.

She felt freely trapped. Like the world was caving in on her. The cave was a barrier for her to create time.  Space was limited and space was a necessity.

She banged on the barrier, but her words couldn’t be heard. Her screams from inside the wall weren’t enough to catch the attention of the guards who stole the space. The space which like the oceans, the birds and the breath—belonged to the people.

She longed for her hair to be touched by the breath of the sea or the flesh of a tree, but no. She cried and cried but she was trapped. Trapped by the guards who stole the space.

Would walk by the wall. Their lips curving to suggest  whistling a tune of happy days. They never would even glance toward the girl who longed to be seen. Almost like she was invisible behind the wall which made the world cave, the space collapse and the time forget. She longed to hear the sound of the wall crashing in to the ocean’s strong current. Which belonged to the people.


2 thoughts on “The Barrier.

  1. I love it!!!! What a frustrating picture you draw. You’ve sucked me in and now I need more! Why is she there? Where is she going? I anticipate the next installment…

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