They never said it would be easy

They never said it would be easy, they just said it would be worth it.

By Hannah Craig


This morning, a group of my friends had a discussion about what we think is the psychology behind motivation, group dynamic and succeeding in a project collectively. The answers from people weren’t what I was expecting at all. The thing that I thought was so beautiful about the discussion was that people were able to open up, and really be truthful with themselves. Not to say that some of us may have diluted what we really thought because of confidence, but for the most part it seemed like everyone was really clear with themselves about their internal workings.


I learned some things about the human race:

1. We’re all self-centered.

As much as we like to think that we’re working for the common good, it seems to me that we’re all born with this “survival” tactic which makes us live for OUR personal good. Not as a group, but as individuals. It’s nothing that we’re doing wrong, or anything that makes us turn selfish, but instead something that we’re born with that creeps into our lives in sometimes passive ways.

2. We have to be personally invested in our goals to succeed.

Goals are made to succeed in a project. Lots of times these are group goals, but in order to succeed, a lot of us have to have personal goals within those group ones. It comes back to being self-centered.

3. We have to believe in ourselves.

For me, if I don’t think something is going to turn out wonderfully, I am more likely to quit before I finish. Other people said that thinking something isn’t going to work out makes them more motivated to continue with it to prove themselves wrong. Either way, we must believe in ourselves in order to complete something successfully

4. We’re afraid.

I think that a lot of things come down to fear. We’re afraid of being wrong, we’re afraid of being unloved, we’re afraid of losing and we’re afraid of who we are. This could also be something we’re born with as a survival skill, but I think it could also be more. When we allow fear creep in to our daily lives without realizing it, it actually changes us more than the FEAR of change.

5. We’re guilty.

This could be because of our society’s notion of having to blame, or also religion. We never want to blame ourselves, but pointing fingers at other people is what we love to do. Being on a “team” competing  against another “team” boosts our egos. We’re guilty about who we are, and who others perceive us to be, but we don’t know how to apologize.

6. We’re dreamers.

Everyone is a dreamer. We all have visions and fantasies of our futures and how our lives will be better after “ ____”. Who knows if we’ll actually go through with our dreams, but it’s what fuels our lives.

7. We’re prejudice.

We all have preconceived notions about life. This could be related to our families’ beliefs, or to those of people whom we respect, but we have to get these ideas somewhere. This comes back to the whole “team” mentality. We love to be on one side of the divide, forming alliances with people who share our beliefs.

In my opinion, these are the natural traits of the human experience. We can’t help having these emotions.

But, the people who live the happiest, most fulfilled lives are the people who are aware of the feelings and actions involved in this experience we call life.

When I see people who are aware of their mistakes and able to admit and accept themselves for it (without blaming others), I admire their true, immortal courage.

When people stop letting fear rule their lives, they are calm, and they love themselves more than ever. When people choose to love themselves in ways that include empathy for others, they are inevitably happy.

When people for once stop thinking about themselves, and instead move energy to making the lives of people around them better, they will rise to be the most god-like humans on the planet. The beautiful thing is, they will never know just how godly they are.

Knowing that they were godly would ruin their godliness.

They never said it would be easy, they just said it would be worth it.


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