Super rad upcycled bookshelf

So, I’m in the midst of redesigning/updating/clearing my bedroom. It’s AWESOME. I love this kind of project. I needed an inexpensive/super cool looking/useful bookshelf in my color scheme. So, I decided to make one!

Really, I think the most important thing when upcycling is to not have one thing in mind. You must go in to the reStore with an OPEN MIND. That is the only way you’ll ever get anything interesting accomplished.

Here’s how I made my bookshelf:

I went to the habitat restore looking for lighting equipment, and accidentally found these gorgeous vintage drawers (from an old chest of drawers) for $5 each! At the checkout several people came up to me and asked if I was “really going to buy those”. I think I got really lucky snatching them up when I did. Lesson #1: when you see vintage, one of a kind drawers–TAKE THEM TO THE CHECKOUT IMMEDIATELY before a stampede starts following you. :)

$5 stickers make me really happy.

I loved the raw wood look that the vintage draws had, so I decided to leave them as-is. There was same ugly drawer lining in them which I removed.

Drawer liner is nasty.

So, I simply stacked the bookshelves on one another and VIOLA–a bookshelf!

All stacked up!

I decided to build some dividers to make the most of the drawers. I cut some boards to fit perfectly inside each of the drawers and painted them fun colors to make them pop.

The finished bookshelf! I LOVE IT! This picture doesn’t really do it justice.
Upcycling is THE BOMB.

Do you have a sweet upcycling project you’ve made?? SHARE IT!


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