I wear vintage tablecloths.

Yay for making things! Most recently, I was inspired by this adorable lacey sweatshirt at Anthropologie (I guiltily shop in that store–mostly looking for ideas of things to create. I think the employees think it’s weird that I mostly walk around taking pictures of things with my phone).

Anthropologie's Astern Lace Sweatshirt $68.00
Anthropologie’s Astern Lace Sweatshirt $68.00

Being way too cheap (and slightly annoyed with Anthropologie’s morals), I decided to upcycle my own lace sweatshirt!

This is my version. I made it for about $6 and an hour of work.
This is my version. I made it from a reused hoodie, a vintage tablecloth, and some thread.

DSC_0023Even my puppies love upcycling...

Close up

The sleeve trim was originally the gathered trim of the vintage tablecloth. I added it on a whim, and really like how it turned out!! I also made some sweatpant-bloomers (not pictured here) with the ruffled trim on the bottom of the leg.

I hope this inspires you to see where and how things can be upcycled to become beautiful!

I plan to selling these in my etsy store, too! Maybe in some neon colors?

Stay crafty!


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